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Our yoga classes are in Camberley, Surrey, and Hook or Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.

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Read what our members enjoy about our yoga classes and why they stay with us.

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We teach you how to do yoga: yoga teaches you how to be you.

Yoga Mind And Body About Yoga

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind – Happy You

Yoga is common-sense. The body and mind are connected. If you’re is feeling out of sorts, we all know how it comes out elsewhere.

If you lose someone close to you, or any other major life trauma, your physical body will reflect that.

Likewise, become ill or undergo surgery it’s entirely natural for you to experience low mood, anxiety or depression.

I’m not saying yoga is the answer to all your problems, but I am claiming that it is the most established and proven way of easing, preventing and responding positively to then. As part of a personal strategy for your wellness and being it can’t be bettered.



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