It's probably the best thing you'll ever do for you!


What Yoga Mind and Body is about

  • Authentic Enjoyable Challenging Yoga 

  • Knowledge Experience Good Humour

  • Maximum 14 Students Per Session



Six Teaching Seasons Each Year

  • Synchronised with School and Public Holidays

  • Progressive and Fresh Classes for Each Season 

  • Beginners Needs Evaluated

A Typical Seasons Offerings

Wk 1)  Beginners Induction

Wk 2)  Thoughtful Movement

Wk 3)  Rock Roll And Relax

Wk 4)  Advanced Positions

Wk 5)  Mighty Movement

Wk 6)  Chilling Out - Tuning In

Eight Types Of Yoga Posture

  • Standing

  • Hip Openers

  • Forward Bends

  • Backbends

  • Twists

  • Arm Balances

  • Inversions

  • Flow / Thoughtful Movement 

Focus On 

  • Alignment of Muscles And Joints

  • Controlled Breathing 

  • Relaxation And Meditation 

  • Established Yoga Traditions  

Quality Of Service

  • Spacious Modern Venues Free Parking

  • Value For Money Payment Options

  • Convenient Online Booking And Paying 


  • Private Yoga Sessions At Reasonable Rates

  • Yoga For Students With Special Needs

  • Yoga For Equestrians



Johnston assessed my existing ability correctly so I felt challenged but not over exerted. I came away feeling calm, light and powerful. He is a great instructor who is always watching his students and gently gets the best from them through humour and wisdom. I will be returning for more!
— Hannah Calow

Yoga Defined

Yoga is like a gigantic mango tree which starts from the seed to the root, root to the trunk, trunk to the branches, branches sprouting into leaves, leaves aerating the entire tree supplying energy in the form of sap through the bark, and later blossom into flowers, culminating with tasty fruit.
— BKS Iyengar

Yoga for All

All that is required for success in yoga is cheerfulness, perseverance, courage, correct knowledge of the techniques to be followed, moderation in one’s habits, and faith in the practice of yoga. The effects are beauty and strength, clarity of speech and expression, calmness of the nerves, an increase in one’s digestive power, and a happy disposition that is revealed in a face full of smiles.
— Bhavan's Journal, December 9, 1973

Yoga In My Life

by Johnston Lowry (Founder) 

I've always been fit and led an active life, full of variety and different pursuits. I enjoyed an immensely worthwhile but demanding 30-year career in the Metropolitan Police Service. I then worked in the National Crime Agency, and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, for 8 years. The physical and mental strains in either organisations can be extreme. Yoga helped me to manage those pressures.

In my mind, yoga is the single most effective discipline that anyone can do for their health, fitness and wellbeing. It operates at so many levels. It's what one could call a perfect antidote for life today. For me, it's been a game-changer. 

My Yoga Body

Yoga keeps my body supple and strong. As I get older yoga has helped me to move, look, and feel better. It's taught me how to breathe more effectively. Yoga digs deep. It really does reach parts of your body like nothing else can. You could call it a total body workout.

My Yoga Mind

It's not an exaggeration to say that yoga has played a major role in relieving and treating my mental illness. It may even have saved my life. The thoughtful movements, postures, relaxation, and meditation, have pulled me out of my darkest moods. It teaches you how to manage your mind - not it you. 

In a nutshell

Yoga helps you make most of life. No matter who you are, or what you do. All it requires is practice.


It's about you!

Classes, for all levels of ability, are held on weekdays and weekends, in Camberley, Surrey, and at Hook or Hartley Wintney, in Hampshire.

Come and join us? You won't look back!