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Yoga classes for you

Over the years, yoga has changed enormously. Some years ago, I was on holiday in India and naturally enough decided it would be an excellent opportunity to see how yoga was taught in the homeland of yoga.

I was surprised to discover the humour that Indian teachers brought to yoga without compromising the integrity of this beautiful practice which, although ancient, remains modern in its relevance. That attitude is the hallmark of my yoga teaching. Not to be constrained by out-of-date shibboleths and to make yoga something which anyone can do, including you.

Getting started

All of us in the club understand that beginning yoga can be daunting. You will receive a warm welcome and be supported as you become more confident and competent in your ability.

What we guarantee

The club is for people new to yoga or more experienced students looking for a fresh approach.

No two lessons are the same, plus I provide you with the necessary equipment required to help you learn yoga properly.

Class numbers are sensibly regulated so that we can communicate effectively, and get the attention you deserve.

You’ll finish each class knowing that you’ve completed an exhilarating but relaxing session, and done something tremendously good for yourself

A yoga club for every body and mind

Come and join us to discover what yoga can do for you.


What to expect in a class? Structured, systematic yoga tuition…

Two phases

Each session has two phases – think of them as opposite sides of the same coin…

60-65 minutes of physically challenging yoga, developing:

  • strength, flexibility and stamina
  • posture and physique
  • coordination and balance
  • cardiovascular health

10-15 minutes of deep relaxation, enabling:

  • rest and recovery
  • self awareness
  • relief from harmful thoughts
  • calmness of mind and body

Seven key yoga postures

Each session covers the seven key yoga postures:

  • Standing
  • Hip Openers
  • Forward Bends
  • Backbends
  • Twists
  • Arm Balances
  • Inversions

Our focus is on:

  • Alignment of muscles and joints
  • Controlled breathing
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Established yoga traditions

Annual Teaching Calendar

We run four teaching seasons per annum offering forty-two weeks of yoga each year.

Terms are not always coterminous with school holidays.

We try to schedule closures with those times when we know our members are less likely to be able to attend.

There are no classes on Bank Holidays.

We close for two weeks at Easter, three weeks at Christmas.

During the summer we close for the last week of June, into the first week in July.

Classes continue during midsummer until the last two weeks of August, into the first week in September, when we close again.

The definitive reference point is always the Booking Schedule.

Please make sure you are on our Notification List so that you receive notice  of cancellations or alterations.

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